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I still don’t quite know what to say, except thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’m so excited to be on this journey and to know you guys as kindred, revolutionary spirits. I find myself soaking in all your advice daily, for breathing and living, for grace and peace. It’s becoming a normative part of my thinking, and it means so much that you’ve shared it with me. I am so grateful for you guys. You’re guides on my hero’s journey. ;)
— Monique L.
Beloved Morgan. I just want you to know what a force your husband is. Whatever he said to [to my husband] set up the most vulnerable, loving version of my husband that I have ever experienced. We are definitely on the road to reconciliation and beautiful healing and I couldn’t be more grateful.
— Brandi
I recently listened to your first podcast and I almost cried I fell so in love with your and Ron’s words. My boyfriend and I have had such a blockage lately. He wants more travel adventure (which scares me) and I want more emotional adventure (which scares him) and we both have been seeking the words to explain how we value love and romance and you both hit the nail on the head and I can’t wait to share this podcast with him!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and are. You’re making an unfathomably deep and meaningful impact on the world.

Real Talk. It’s soo good.
— Matt A
I love this. It is so refreshing and inspiring. I have been married to my “high school sweetheart,” as some would call him, for 11 years and although we are intimately happy and more in love than ever, some adventure and romance would be so nice. I am inspired by your words, your suggestions, and even more I am inspired by your willingness to take the leap to spend time investing in other people who you may never even know. Thanks for taking that risk, not letting fear hold you back from this dream, and for spending your love and energy encouraging and inspiring me to take the risk and be adventurous and romantic with my husband! I see you and I’m inspired. Thank you!
— Tara W.
I LOVE these podcasts! My husband and I spent three nights going through the last list of questions about engaging with our senses and we are so excited to dig into this next set of questions! It has brought such depth in such an unexpected way to our marriage. Thankful for you both.
The Cecil’s have a special ability to separate you from all your shame. They give you new ways to see yourself and your relationship and all that is possible.
— Alla N.
Although we’ve only been married a short time, we’re always looking for ways to improve & cultivate being husband + wife. One of the ways we do this is by keeping our inner circle full of honest & inspiring friendships that push us to be better. The lovely Morgan & Ron, creators of @romanceandadventure, do just that. Give these beautiful humans a follow. Check out their podcast. Sign up for their newsletter. It’s real, authentic, deep talk. We’re behind them 100%
— Laura A.
Morgan, I’m always inspired by you to just be exactly who I am and give myself as a gift to the world, as you do. It’s so beautiful how you celebrate yourself and everyone around you. What you do is so unique, how you see Him in everything. Your confidence spreads the truth and gives us full permission to be exactly who we are. Thank you.
— Alexandra L.
The material is sparking some loving, funny, tearful, and amazing conversations for [my wife] and I.
— Chris N.

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