Dating to Find the One (New Small Group!)

Finding the One:

4-Week Interactive Group Coaching Program Starting April, 2017

For all of you who have asked for more say you have no time to attend a weekly class, here is the solution: Everything we know about Finding the One in four interactive sessions.

Note: We are pricing this program SO CRAZY LOW! Other group coaching programs like it charge $500-$5000 dollars. That's no bueno for the average gal who is working hard to pay off school loans. So we're giving  you this opportunity to work with both Ronnie and I for only $99.

In this 4-week program you will:

  • Watch and listen to Ronnie and Morgan teach together live on Dating Principles to Find the One
  • Get the chance to ask questions and receive coaching by Morgan and Ronnie
  • Have access to both male and female perspectives on important dating topics (like sex and money)
  • Feel more love, self-acceptance and confidence to enter back into the dating scene knowing you will find the One. 
  • Gain clarity if you are dating someone right now to know if you should move forward in the relationship

What you'll learn:

  • Smart dating principles to avoid heartbreak and have more fun
  • Know how to tell if the relationship is going to work in just 2 weeks
  • What most women do that keep them from finding love (and how not to keep doing it!)
  • Change your own dating narrative so you can feel empowered to be your authentic self from the very first date
  • Reasonable and unreasonable expectations while dating.
  • What it takes to have a healthy and thriving committed relationship (with lifelong passion and intimacy)

Who should take this class:

  • Anyone who wants a fresh perspective on dating
  • Anyone ready to find the One sooner than later
  • Anyone tired of their own patterns and dating habits and fears
  • Anyone with questions about healthy expectations and boundaries in the dating scene
  • Anyone afraid of rejection or being lonely

Technical requirements:

  • Computer or digital device (smartphone, ipad) with Zoom software installed
  • Internet access


  • Begins April 8, 2017
  • Price: $99 (Early Bird Ends Wednesday, April 5th) $149 
  • Limited space available 
  • All sessions will be recorded so those who are registered can watch replay

How It Works:

Step 1: Click "Register Now" below.

Step 2: The Friday before your first session you'll receive an email from us with coaching call-in details.

Step 3: Show up on time and ready to learn. Have your specific questions ready if you want to be coached live. If you can't make the session live, you can send us your questions in advanced and catch replay.

About Your Coaches

This June founders of Romance & Adventure and Sex, Love & Relationship coaches Ron & Morgan Cecil will be celebrating 8 years of marriage. Before they fell in love Ronnie was divorced and Morgan was a single mom. They brought a lot of baggage into their relationship, but the mindset and principles they brought to dating each other set them up for a thriving relationship of lasting love and deep companionship. 

Learn what you don't know about Dating to Find the One, and step into a safe place to work through your own fears and hang-ups about relationships with compassionate and expert guidance from the Cecils.

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness Guide, Retreat Leader and Founder of the Sophia Sessions. She helps women reconnect to their body, and find their inner Sophia--the sexy, enlightened, wise and playful woman within who has made perfect peace with her spirituality and sexuality.

Ron Cecil is a Life/Adventure/Sex coach for men. He coaches men on the masculine journey and helps them connect to their own Hero's Journey so that they can become the husbands and fathers and leaders they are created to become. 


How does this work?

Every Saturday Morning from April 8-April 22 we will meet online for a 60 min coaching session. Group size will be kept small so those who wants a chance to get live coaching can. Every week will learn a powerful teaching on the topic of love and dating with practical applications. Every week we will open the call up for live coaching to work through your specific challenges and obstacles. In the group setting you get the benefit of hearing others be coached also, giving you even more insight into your own issues and ways to work with them.

Do I have to share?

You are invited to share, but never forced! This is a safe place for you to get personal coaching, but if that isn't where you are at right now, you can also learn so much from listening to others as they are coached. We are more alike than we are different, and aha-moments are often contagious! ;)

I can't make all the sessions live, is that okay?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch replay. You can send us your questions in advance so we can answer them for you during the call.

I don't know if I'm ready yet! Will you offer this again?

The rest of our Spring and Summer is full, but there is the possibility of running a group coaching program like this again in August or September. Price will be higher the next round ($299 vs $149). Beta groups always get the best deal! 

Can I get a refund if it doesn't work for me?

While we wish we could guarantee you'll find the one in just four weeks, we aren't promising you that. No one can promise you that! If they do, run. Dating to Find the One is about giving you the insight, principles and personal tools you'll need for your journey. After the start date of sessions no refunds will be offered, but if something comes up please email us and under reasonable circumstances we will allow you to apply your registration to a future session.

Announcing: Women's Italy Retreat


Last December I took 4 of you with me to Rome for the Sophia Experience.  (It was unbelievable! Better than I could have even dreamed!)

This July I'm taking 10 of you back to Italy with me for the Sophia Embodied Yoga Retreat!

Southern Italy is one of my most special places in all the earth. It's rugged. It's ancient. It's holy. It's beautiful. I've enlisted the help of Kaitlin King of Yoga Soule to make this experience incredible for you. 

This Sophia Embodied Retreat in Italy will focus on the 5 Elements of Feminine Healing: Story, Breath, Dance, Knowledge, and Shared Experience.

Think of this retreat as one part revitalizing practice of embodiment, one part training in the arts of feminine wholeness, and one part deeply nourishing girl time in an ancient region of Italy.

There will be wine and sparkling water. And dancing. And pool time. And long meals with lots of laughter. And a dinner in an olive grove with more dancing under the moonlight!


Want your own life of Romance & Adventure?

Join the Romance & Adventure Community of Saints and we'll send you our personal roadmap of simple12 practices to create a life you TRULY lovE.


Introducing The Sophia Sessions (+ Peak into January Calendar)

Introducing The Sophia Sessions (+ Peak into January Calendar)

The Sophia Sessions is a safe haven for the journey and study of feminine wholeness (which includes sexual well-being!). Here is a home to learn what's true and unlearn what has wounded. It's a place where no topic is off limits and you can ask whatever has been eating away at you in regards to sex, love, relationships, God, and womanhood. I'm honored to hold this space for you and share the teachings and practices and insights that have nourished, healed, and transformed my experience as a woman. When we don't have answers we have a lot of love.

Married or single, you are welcome here. It's a tribe of all ages and backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is that we are women, we are gracious with one another, and we are learning how to be truly gracious with ourselves. Come join us and look forward to a 2017 full of freedom, healing, laughter, and belonging.

Return to Delight to Fight Feelings of Overwhelm

"The modern woman is a blur of activity. She is pressured to be all things to all people. The old knowing is long overdue." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D 

I wanted to share with you something that has caused a profound shift in my life and it may resonate with you as well. Especially if you are someone who is feeling overwhelmed, rushed, disconnected or just a little lost.

This season I am in a deep study of feminine wisdom, "The old knowing," as the author of Women Who Run with Wolves calls it.  I'm preparing for the Sophia Retreat in Italy and one of the things She (yes, She, wisdom in many cultures and religious traditions, including Christianity, is a Her) is teaching me is the importance of returningabiding and soaking in the things that feed our soul.

We are a people who are hooked on the what's next. Wisdom, though, isn't in favor of rushing.

When we move on too quickly we hurt our heart. So Sophia  give us this imperative:


And she asks us to reflect:

What is the last really good book you read? What was the last quote you scribbled in your journal because it caused you to remember the truth of who you are?

Did you let it change your life or did you consume it like chocolate?

What is the last song or sunset that had you dancing or weeping?

Did you give it time to do it's healing work in you, or did you forget all about it as soon as it was over?

What were the contents of your most recent Aha moment?

Did you take action and make a change or did you come down from that mountain top experience exactly the same?

Who were you with and what were you doing the last time you wished you had the power to pause time and stay awhile?

Did you tell him/her how much sharing that moment meant to you?

These are the moments and the gifts that could reliably nourish us if only we sat a little while longer and allowed ourself to be fed.

Delight is a breadcrumb leading us home, but we are a culture that rushes passed most of the clues.

That's why Wisdom pleas with us:


Because She knows what we are up against: a culture that trains us to consume, instead of reflect, to rush-on instead of know deep.

I'm not just talking about our relationship with food and stuff; I'm talking about our relationship with insight and with one another.

I realized in my own life how easy it was for me consume books and podcasts, date nights and magical moments with my family and still feel hungry for more.

I had gotten in the habit of dashing across the surface of my happiness, worrying about how long it would last or where I would source it from next, forgetting the ancient feminine wisdom of diving deep into delight.

And here is the problem: when we stay on the surface of our sustenance, no joy ever seems like enough.

We stop tasting the richness of the pumpkin spice latte before our cup is even empty.

We dream of the next vacation while on vacation.

We beg for more sex or conversation because we think the more will fill us, but what we need for connection is not quantity, but depth.

Return to Delight to Fight Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

So how do we remedy these bad habits?

We learn how to abide-long instead of rush-on.

We give up quantity for quality.

We resist distractions and commit to going deep. 

We savor, we relish, we indulge, we luxuriate, we take comfort in, we radically appreciate, and we faithfully enjoy the things that are turning us on and healing our soul.

(Autumn is a great time for this intimate and soulful training).

What I Am Doing

I'm heeding Sophia's call. When beauty, inspiration, insight or intimate connection are given to me, I resist the urge to move on too quickly. I stay and I return. Here is what this looks like in everyday life:

  • When I finish a book that is speaking to my soul, I resist the urge for a new book to consume and instead I go back to the beginning of the old book and mine it for more gold.
  • When I hear a song I love that makes me weep or dance on the furniture, I add it to a playlist that I return to it for another listen every morning.
  • When I am lost or low mid-day I do not search for a new soul-remedy. Instead I return to the truths I've already recorded in my journal, and I get realigned.
  • Though there are countless meditations and yoga flows I could do each day, I am faithfully returning to one tantra kriya, allowing it time to work in my body and mind in ways a different meditation each day could not.
  • Moments with my husband, I am holding his gaze longer and I am staying freshly engaged in all that he is saying, instead of moving on in my mind to what I would like to say next.
  • We are returning to the photo album often. Instead of longing for the next vacation, we are spending time recalling with our kids all the sweet memories of our European sabbatical last Spring.

These small shifts are adding so much richness, gratitude and depth to my life.

Instead of feeling lost, I am feeling at home.

Instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed I am feeling clear and grounded.

Instead of feeling alone and disconnected, I am feeling intimate with all of life.

Instead of feeling lack, I feel grateful.

This is the gift Sophia gives. Slowing down and abiding here we are taught deep truths about love and trust, pleasure and healing, wholeness and intimacy.

So, dear Saints, my romantic and adventurous invitation to you this month is to linger a little longer in love. Dare to stay the whole Fall season with the words, the songs, the people, the ideas, the memories, the movements, the photographs, the moon beams, the pumpkin spiced lattes that nourish your soul.

Your Turn to Take Action

Here's how you can do this:

Step 1: Go back to the book, song, dream, meal, podcast, newsletter, or insight that spoke to your soul and see what else it may want to show you or tell you about yourself, and the important questions you are asking about your life right now.

Step 2: Take lots of notes. Explore what's lighting you up. Ask your heart Why do I love this so much right now? What do you need me to know about who I am and who I am becoming?

Step 3: Come share in the R&A Community of Saints on Facebook. Tell us what Sophia is asking you to spend more time savoring this season.

The deeper connection, greater intimacy and sense of purpose and joy we all long for is close.

The truth is you have enough light and love in the archives of your heart to sustain you for a long time. You do not need to consume more. Unpack what you too hastily stored away. Recall and remember. Let these things of light and love do what they came to do. Before you move on, dear Saint, let them nourish you deeply.

Grace & Peace & Romantic & Adventurous Wisdom,


p.s. If you are on social media and noticed our absence on Instagram you may be wondering where we went! We're still here....Just taking a lovely break to honor the quieter whispers of our heart. Learn more about social media sabbaths, digital detox, and the #justbeherewithme project here.

p.p.s Don't Forget! The next time you witness something, feel something, think something, share something, see something, hear something, taste something that wakes you up and lights up your world, stay a little longer with it. Fight the the itch for what's next. Stay here and abide. Remember Sophia's Plea: Do not move on too quickly. Come share in the R&A Community of Saints on Facebook. Tell us what Sophia is asking you to spend more time savoring this season.

Teaching about Sex & Talking about God

Teaching about Sex & Talking about God

So here is the thing:

Human beings are designed for love. We our best when we are experiencing love daily in mind, body, heart and spirit.

Our mission at Romance & Adventure is to help people fall deeper in love with life, connect deeper to the people and things that matter most, and find wholeness.

And we do that by teaching about sex and talking about God.