Our untraditional "boy meets girl" story

Our "boy meets girl" story goes something  like this:

boy and girl meet and they are just friends.

boy and girl lose contact, and unexpected life events happen to both of them.

boy gets divorced and fears becoming just like his parents, who were married 13 times.

girl gets pregnant and fears single motherhood means she is disqualified from all her dreams.

boy and girl reconnect and relate to one another’s story of being hit in the face by life’s curve balls, and finding the inner strength to move on.

boy and girl fall madly in love with each other.

boy and girl marry and fall apart.

boy and girl learn that there is much dysfunction beneath the surface of their love, but plenty of real beauty too.

boy and girl are also called mom and dad by two little ones who depend on them.

boy and girl decide they are the #1 Team in the Universe and devote themselves to nothing less than an epic “life to the full.”

boy and girl wonder if they are delusional, but keep fighting the good fight anyway.

boy and girl give up strong drink and other cheap things limiting the fullness of their freedom.

boy and girl look at each other in the bedroom and realize they don’t know who they are.

boy feels panicky and dependent and knows his journey involves healing the wounds of his youth.

girl feels fear and shame and knows her journey involves healing the wounds of her youth.

boy and girl choose the unconventional path towards better sex.

boy and girl believe that their true romance and meaningful adventure isn’t ending, it’s just beginning.

boy and girl value intimacy more than frequency and give traditional sex advice the middle finger.

boy and girl transcend the fault in their stars and discover many secrets in the arts of love.

boy and girl become man and woman.

man and woman enjoy mythic sex.

man and woman feel closer than ever before.

man and woman risk it all to spread the gospel of romance and adventure.

man and woman live happily ever now.

What's your boy meets girl story? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.