A Letter to My Kindreds

Today is New Year's Eve. While everyone is picking their new year resolutions or "word for the year" I am calling you to go deeper. To turn towards what you may have spent all of last year turning away from...the most intimate part of your being, you're relationship to sex and intimacy. I know from my own story that this is a big ask, that there are probably very good reasons why you don't want to go there. But I also know that you sense that there is more freedom and romance and adventure waiting for you.


I believe that, like me, you are brave. You are more courageous than you know. So with tenderness and respect I ask you...

If, once again, on your New Year's list is the resolution to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds, could it be that what your soul desires more is to be free of shame for your naked body?

And if your goals for next year include making more money could it be what your heart longs to know is your deep inner power and worth?

And if on your vision board for 2016 is an exotic vacation, a new house or a new car, could it be the adventure God wants to invite you into is right behind your own bedroom door?

I know it's scary (and at least 80% of you reading this post will opt to wait another year before you go there), but if you feel the nudge that 2016 is your year for healing, your year for freedom, your year to learn more about the beauty and strength in the woman you are, then I invite you to join me and my husband in our free workshop on sex and true intimacy.

I believe when we get freedom and healing in this intimate area of our life ALL of our life works better. Find out for you. 💕

morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.