Tell Me More: R&A Sutras Mastery Program Details

[UPDATE: Seats in our 2016 R&A Sutras Mastery Program have all been filled. Get your name on the waitlist for when the course reopens. Big hugs.]

Over the weekend we received an email from a bright woman with a very good question about The R&A Mastery Program... What exactly will we be doing? And what's included?

(Maybe you are wondering something similar?)

 In her words...

Your webinar impacted me so much more than I ever expected.The Master's class is something that would ordinarily be so, so outside of my comfort zone.... never in a million years would I expect to sign up for something like this. But I am really, truly considering it (and that amazes me! and delights my husband :). The investment is steep for our budget, but my heart has really opened up over the weekend and I am beginning to see how this could be a catalyst for so much growth. 

I was wondering if you could break down the structure a little more--how much content will be available per module? If there were more modules added in the future, would we have access to these, as well? 

If you are on the fence about whether to join us in the 6 week mastery program, here is what you need to know:

  • Starting next Saturday, January 16th, the first module will be delivered and available to you in the private member's only portal. Each module will contain 3-5 audio teachings from us that you can download and listen to anywhere.

  • The audio teachings will cover each week's topic from all sides, giving you strategy, practices, candid stories, and insights that relate to your heart, your mind, your body, your soul, your bedroom and your relationship. We will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to heal intimacy & desires issues, as they directly relate to sex and larger issues beyond the bedroom.

  • You'll also get a downloadable Sutras Workbook with every module to guide you through each teaching and help you process what you are learning in your own heart, and with your partner.

  • During weeks 3 and 5 we'll also be sending youvideo lessons walking you step-by-step through trust & intimacy building exercises.  

  • Delivered via snail mail each week you'll receive your "Weekly Mini-Mission", giving you a FUN way to apply what you are learning right away.

A big part of Mastery is also the coaching and community.




  • Every week there will be a 1 hour live group coaching call with both Ron and I, where we will be helping you through every obstacle, sharing our personal insights, and giving you new strategies to help you overcome tricky areas in your relationship.

  • All member's will be invited to our private facebook group for daily encouragement, support and accountability.  To be known in a safe place is something we all desperately need, but don't always get in our families or neighborhoods. True community is a treasure.

The R&A Sutras Mastery Program is a 6 week adventure that is yours forever ( you get lifetime access). This means YOU CAN GO AT YOUR OWN PACE and revisit the material year after year. If new modules are released in future, you'll get those too! 

Here is The R&A Sutras 2016 Program Schedule:
Module 1: The Art of Paying Attention (+ Foreplay)
Module 2: The Art of Being Known (+ Turn Ons)
Module 3: The Art of Coming Home (+ Intimate Touch)
Module 4: The Art of Fighting the Good Fight (+ Shagging)
Module 5: The Art of Daring & Dreaming (+ Oral Sex)
Module 6: The Art of Sex & Ultimate Fulfillment (+ Dual Orgasms)

Three last important things to know:

1). We do not currently have plans to offer the Mastery Program again in 2016. This is your chance. Don't miss it!

2). Seats are almost full. We are limiting enrollment in this program to keep a close-knit feel. More than half of spots available have already been taken. Don't wait, if you are feeling that you belong here.

3). Enrollment closes Thursday, January 14th at 12pm PST

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! We're right here for you.

Still thinking about the investment?

We get that this may be the first time some of you have made an investment like this, and it may feel terrifying! (Don't forget though, we do offer a happiness guarantee, so, in reality, the risk isn't big at all!)

Investing in the R&A Sutras Mastery Program is a big deal. And that is a good thing! You don't have to figure out all this stuff alone anymore, and since you have skin in the game, you're actually going to treat it like it's important! (Because, holy cow, it is!)

In our journey, the simple decision to work with those who have been in our shoes, and have overcome in the same areas where we were struggling, has been priceless.

If you are done wasting your time, money, and energy trying to reinvent the wheel, and you are ready to just get on with it (the life and relationship you are really made for), we can't wait to start this adventure with you.

And if you're not ready, we still love you!  Thanks for reading this whole dang thing. :)

Yours in Romance & Adventure Forever,
Morgan & Ron

P.S. We forgot to mention the awesome BONUSES! You'll be getting those, too, of course! (I.e. The R&A Guide + Workbooks ($99), the Authentic Sensuality Yoga Video ($49). PLUS, some extras that we are keeping a surprise because gift-surprises are FUN.  :))

morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.