16 Things I Learned in 2016 About Being a Woman (+ More Prompts to Help You Process the Year)

I know it's the 2nd day of 2017 already, but this past year began a practice of "not moving on too quickly."

This is a practice of learning how to slow down and reflect more. It's also a radical act of saying to a world that is ever pushing us to move fast, "No thanks, I'll go at my own pace into the New Year."  If you need more time to reflect on 2016, take it! Below you'll find some prompts to help you process.

1. Learning how to show up for myself is key. All love says, "I am with you." Self love does too.

2. Movement is medicine. (and these 4 other things are also healing).

3. Periods don't have to suck. Learning to honor each week of my cycle  via "embodied time management" has improved the quality of my life at least 30%.

4.  It will always and only ever be about LOVE. Spending even one minute in the presence of something/someone I adore can change my whole day.

5. Learning how to connect to my breath during sex enhances orgasms (like, WoW!).

6. I'm ready for sisterhood.

7. It's okay to be imperfect. I'm still good.

8. Embracing seeming contradictions is an important part of healing. It's okay if I hate sex AND I love sex. I'm still healing from a childhood of sexual trauma. Triggers are to be expected, and I don't have to hate myself (or my husband) when I experience them.

9. Italy makes a perfect backdrop for magic to happen. 

10. Gratitude is a spiritual technology. Practicing appreciation literally shifts my perspective on how I see myself and the world.

11. The energy of YES is very different than the energy of NO. When I check in with my body my spiritual discernment improves. 

12. Whimsy is a muscle we don't want to atrophy.

13. Making my morning routine beautiful helps me make the whole day beautiful.

14. Life can begin again. Even after grief. Even after failure. Even after regret.

15. Romance is my responsibility. "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."  ~Lucille Ball

16. Desire frees, but first it triggers.


Don't Move On Into 2017 Too Quickly

17 Prompts to help you reflect, process, celebrate, and get ready for 2017.

1. What were 3 significant events for me this past year?

2. What were a few of the most significant moments (think small, like noticing the beauty of the bridge of your daughter’s nose, holding your grandma’s hand, paying attention to the snow fall).

3. What did I accomplish this year? List all your wins (even ones that seem silly small, like introducing yourself to your neighbor and making a new friend).

4. What were a few of the surprise challenges you faced this year?

5. In what ways did I heal this year (emotionally, spiritually, physically)? Where do I feel freer?

6. What day was of 2016 did I feel the most alive and why?

7. What day or season of 2016 did I feel the most discouraged and why?

8. What did I complete, release or surrender?

9. What am I holding onto that still needs closure?

10. In what ways did I pay attention to others and bless them or help them meet their needs? Who did I grow closer to this year?

11. Where did I lose myself this year (what were my biggest time wasters and energy-sucks?)  

12. What did I do right? List what you feel particularly good about. (Working out regularly, keeping a journal)

13. What’s on my Best-Of List for 2016?

Favorite Books?

Favorite Movies?

Favorite Restaurants?

Favorite Things/Apps?

15. Where did joy surprise me this year? How can I bring more of that into next year?

16. What felt like Romance to me this past year? What felt like Adventure?

17. What did I learn about Love,  Sex and Womanhood in 2016?

Share Your Favorite Lessons & Insights

In the comments below, share one or two things you learned about being a woman this past year. This is always inspiring...


morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.