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A life of romance and adventure doesn't happen by accident; it takes intention. Spending some time creating your own manifesto is one of the best ways to get clear  about your intention. This post that originally appeared on, will show you how to get going...

How to write your life manifesto begins by knowing what you want to publicly profess about yourself. (Knowing what you want to publicly profess begins by knowing what you intimately feel/believe, so get ready for some meaningful inner work ahead!)

Manifesto, in brief, is a public declaration of intentions. It is a pronouncement of principles and policies. It can be famously political or awesomely personal. Today we are going to create your LIFE manifesto, which is the awesomely personal variety. Knowing what you want to publicly profess about yourself and your life means getting your lens on life in order. Your lens on life is your world view combined with your heart view. It’s the special way you see your world and what is possible.

Getting your lens on life in order doesn’t mean you have to have your life, or Life, all figured out.  It just means you get to spend some quality time thinking about what you feel is of ultimate importance.

Think about the beliefs and ideas that seem of ultimate importance to you. Next think of how a commitment to these beliefs and ideas would look in practical terms, i.e. how do you want to practice these things?

Imagine you have children and all you can leave them with is one document about your life and who you are or dream to be. Your Life Manifesto would be it.

So what do you want to say? Your lens is your unique way of seeing the world and it’s a gift to others.When you use your lens to create your Life Manifesto, you are reflecting a piece of God to us all, and that is what makes each manifesto incomparably awesome.

So let’s begin!

Writing your life manifesto means quite literally typing out your lens on life, transforming your world view and heart view into personal statements.

A lot of them begin with I.... but not all your statements will. Here are a few examples from lines from my own life manifesto:

I believe every single moment is a fork in the road. Happily ever now is a prerequisite to happily ever after. Right now mornings with my husband, and afternoons dancing with my kids are the delight of my life. I dream of Italy and la dolce vita. When my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing and it’s like they’ve done a thousands sit-ups, I know it’s been a great day.  I grew up believing everyone finds their happy ending and that true love and excitement are birthrights. What I want to give most to the world is a remembrance of joy and the possibility of creating true intimacy with God. 

Here is some help to get you started.

Take our your journal and ready your pen. I’ll give you the first part of the sentence, you fill in the rest.

IMPORTANT: A Life Manifesto is not supposed to be a downer. So don't get all Emo when filling out the prompts below. Think of your Life Manifesto as a document proclaiming your highest belief in GOOD–in yourself, and what is possible for you to experience, share, and create in the world.  

When you finish writing it, it should feel like you’ve just had seven cups of coffee. You should be dancing and singing out loud. If this is not what you experience, just scratch what you have written and start again. You are allowed to write several drafts.

Remember: Your Life Manifesto is your personal anthem. It should make you giddy, and full of love for the world and hope for the future.

I am _______________________________________________________

I believe ____________________________________________________

When I was little ________________________________________________

Right now_____________________________________________________

I love ________________________________________________________

What I know for sure is ____________________________________________

I’ve never been more happy than when _________________________________

I have a penchant for _____________________________________________

I wish all of us could ______________________________________________

I dream of _____________________________________________________

People tell me I am _______________________________________________

I was born to ___________________________________________________

I am particularly good at   ___________________________________________

What I want most in the world is to ____________________________________

I was a________________________________________________________

I indulge in _____________________________________________________

The words I hold closest to my heart are __________________________________

If I get a chance I will ______________________________________________

I live for _______________________________________________________

I believe the most important thing in a person is to be ________________________

I have an amazing __________________________________________________

If I had a superpower it would be ________________________________________

I hail to _________________________________________________________

The big idea of my life is _____________________________________________

I am dedicated to __________________________________________________

Happiness is ______________________________________________________

I feel most alive when _______________________________________________

Okay, you get the idea, now it’s time to put it to use. Have some tea. Pour yourself half a glass of wine. Get cozy with some “Me” time and get writing. Declare the things you’ve always wanted to be so bold to declare. This is your life. Pronounce it wonderful.

When you get your manifesto written, will you share some of your favorite lines with with us? I know we all will be energized by hearing them.

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