The Sophia Retreat: Join me in Italy this December

After we announced that Ronnie will be available to coach men, a received emails and messages from many of you asking me if I would be taking coaching clients, too.  

I do want to work with you and walk with you through this journey of sexual wellbeing and wholeness, but I don't see myself doing it over the phone. Not now at least. What I do see myself is leading a series of small and transformative adventures of the heart out there in the beautiful world.

I've been feeling restless lately with a holy discontent, which has lead me to envision this first retreat.

Here is my holy discontent:  

We live in a time with unprecedented freedom and quality of life, yet there is an epidemic of women who hunger for wholeness, but are lost on how to integrate a healthy sexuality into the fullness of who they are.

Where do we go for help if...

  • The church has made us feel dirty and ashamed.

  • The medical industry has made us feel broken or insane.

  • Media messages have made us feel remarkably inadequate and deplorably plain.

 I have a wild idea.

What if we went to Italy, together?

This December I am going back to the place whose spirit first called out in me the woman God created me to be, and I want to bring 4 of you with me.  

The Sophia Retreat

You can think of the Sophia Retreat as

  • one part sex-coaching,

  • one part lifestyle-design and self-care mentoring,

  • one part moving meditation through one of the most beautiful cities in the world

  • and one part good old-fashioned, epically-awesome girl time


We're heading to the THE ETERNAL CITY of ROME to redeem our sexy selves.

I chose Italy to be the destination for The Sophia Retreat very intentionally. 

I wanted to give you your very own field experience of living wholeheartedly connected to beauty, pleasure, brazen sexiness, femininity, and grace.

Italy has the uncanny ability to grant a woman permission to be herself.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.
— Sophia Loren

The Perfect Backdrop

Which makes it the perfect backdrop for the work we will be doing together on all the topics that fall under the enchanting umbrella of "sexual well-being"

  • delighting in our senses
  • remembering what lights us up

  • daring to dream again and heal old wounds

  • redeeming our relationship with desire and pleasure

  • restoring trust in the wisdom and beauty of our body

  • feeling sexy from the inside out

The intimate size of our retreat (just me and 3-4 of you) will make the emotional work possible. You will have my undivided attention to help you...

  • uncover the lies and scripts that keep us feeling fear, guilt, and shame in the bedroom, and in our own skin.

  • feel all the feelings so that you can complete the grief cycle and expand your capacity for intimacy.

  • hear your own hidden self talk and thought patterns and give you tools to live in a kinder relationship with self.

  • understand your body and it's sexual architecture (in a non-weird way) to give you new awareness of your sexual potential. 

  • connect with your own subtle energy through your breath as a way to cultivate and express creativity and power, instead of continuing to doubt it, shame it or repress it.

  • find your way home to the essence of who you are in every moment so that you can be powerfully present in all you do and share a transcendent and sacred sexuality with your partner.

It's important to me that the retreat be this intimate size because, as an introvert, I am someone who often struggles feeling like I belong when groups (especially groups of women) reach 5 or more.

So I've created the experience I would want and I hope it is an answered prayer to 3 or 4 of you.


We'll spend four days and three nights together in beautiful shared Italian apartment. 

Every morning we'll wake and I’ll make you espresso with the classic Italian Moka machine and then guide you through a breathing exercise or mindful movement meditation to connect you to your heart and prepare you for your day.

Next, we’ll walk together to a nearby cafe, grab breakfast and cappuccinos and talk without rush about the things that matter most to you.

After a stroll down cobble stone streets and a pop into a boutique lingerie shop for inspiration, we'll head back to our darling Italian apartamento and get down to work. 

I’ll share my own story and give a teaching on a specific aspect of living a wholehearted life of sexual well-being, and then as the Spirit leads, each of you get a chance to share your story, and be gently coached by me.

Without rush you’ll be given time and guidance to unravel your heart, all the questions about self and sex and body and love and God that have been tangled in your throat for decades.

The rest of the afternoon is yours to nap, wander, read, or play site seer to many of Rome's worthy tourist destinations.  Before you head your own way for a few hours, I'll give each of you a prompt to help you pay closer attention to your heart as you richly absorb the reality and beauty of where you are (Rome!)

Every morning you'll get new insights, teaching, coaching, exercises, and the healing power of group therapy. Every afternoon you'll have time to process and play. Every evening you'll have the chance for some girl time, to get dressed up, go out and dine and practice living from the confident new heart space you've just opened up.

In this circle of just us 4 women won't feel lost or alone or ignored or forgotten. You will be able to speak your suffering and your dreams without feeling shame. You will know you are among sisters and that here you belong.

Ever day we’ll go a bit deeper and i’ll help you find your way home, to the place you always carry with you, but rarely rest in.

One by one we’ll unpack the junk you’ve been hoarding in your heart and help you see the old beliefs that are not serving you (or your lovelife/family) anymore.

I will bear witness to your inner struggles, to the contradictions and confusions you feel about being a woman-- a woman who is made to be seen, loved, honored, adored. More importantly, I will bear witness to the highest version of yourself and guide you to your own ability to live more consistently from that place.

After our 4 days together you will be able to hear own voice clearer. You’ll have all of Italy to continue to explore if you choose (maybe even plan a romantic rendezvous with your man?). When you return home, you will return with exercises and strategy for how to bring your breakthroughs with you and continue deepening this internal space of healing.  You'll enter into 2017 feeling more alive and present than you ever have been before.

If you are interested in the Sophia Retreat here is what you can expect:

  • Daily indulgence in deliciously frothy cappuccinos enjoyed in an even more delicious unrushed fashion.

  • A seat on the Spanish Steps to eat a gelato while healing new territory in our heart. 

  • A shared apartment to keep it affordable and for everyone to feel that they belong.

  • A custom mini-mission adventure designed just for you, by me

  • My undivided attention to help you hear your own heart, befriend your own body,  and find your way home to a powerful and joyful life of sexual well being.


I've designed this retreat to be a perfect combination work and play, of being together as a group and enjoying plenty of personal time to process, too.

I won't just be giving you information to store in your head, I'll be showing you how to integrate this wisdom into your heart so you can live it in real time while we are in Italy and back at home. 

My role as your mentor on the Sophia retreat will be to guide and direct you on your path to a deeper connection to yourself and God-breathed sexuality. 

Our time in Italy together will be devoted to empowering you to attain the dreams you desire.

I’ll also empower you with as much knowledge and information you need/want so that you can trust the way forward through any sexual difficulties you fear you may have.

How do you know this is right for you?

  • You are woman who wants to feel more of the beauty and grace, power and pleasure, creativity and sexuality of being a woman. 

  • You have entered a season of your life where you know the next frontier for your heart and your marriage is your own sexual wellbeing. 

  • You are tired of living a life controlled by shame and confusion, and you see the weariness it is causing in your family and your career. 

  • You're heart has already told you it's time to travel this path and you're willing to invest in yourself.

  • You love Italy, or have always wanted to go!

The Sophia Retreat is for the woman

  • Who feels distant from her spouse and even more distant from herself.

  • Who doesn't feel empowered in her sexuality, but refuses to believe she never will.

  • Who tends to resent the size of ordinary women's retreats and how they often make her feel more lost and alone.

  • Who struggles with an obsession with productivity and purpose and in that relentless commitment to the to-do list, has lost her relationship with pleasure.

  • Who knows she is  made for more than the role she has been playing

  • Who hungers for deeper dimensions of personal freedom, but does not know the way to get it.

  • Who  is done feeling shame about her body and sex and wants a safe place to explore new ways to see herself as a woman.


If you think you are one of the 4 woman this retreat is made for, please send me an email from below and we'll talk more.

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Here is what I believe:

Being a woman is a gift and our sexuality is a part of Love’s great creation. But few of us have been taught the truth about who we are, and so we struggle to find delight, confidence, or even own voice, in this gift.

A life of true romance and meaningful adventure is possible, but not without a woman's sense of wholeness. The Sophia Retreat is created to help a woman say yes to a new way of living from her heart where she can feel whole, joyful, and powerful in her own body and marriage. 



morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.