Teaching about Sex & Talking about God

So here is the thing:

Human beings are designed for love.

We our best when we are experiencing love daily in mind, body, heart and spirit. 

Think back to your own best moments…

What were you doing the last time you really felt alive?

What were you feeling the last time your lungs felt full of gratitude and awe?

  • Watching a sunrise?
  • Climbing a mountain?
  • Feeling the vibration of music?
  • Holding your child?
  • Spooning your partner and snuggling into his/her shoulder after you just experienced an amazing orgasm? 
  • Taking a bite of a decadent dessert baked by someone who loves you?

There is one thing ALL of these things have in common. 

These are all experiences of love.
Love is always the energy behind feeling alive, in-awe, grateful, tender, passionate, connected. 

This is what we are made for. 

Our mission at Romance & Adventure is to help YOU fall deeper in love with life, connect deeper to the people and things that matter most, and find wholeness.

And we do that by teaching about sex and talking about God.

Because really folks, how are we to have a meaningful conversation about life to the full without acknowledging these two things?!

Sexuality and spirituality are both related to our life-force. 

When we deny our life force, life gets way harder than it has to be.

(And this is how MOST people are living!)

Ronnie and I used to live that way too.

(Thank God we aren't anymore!)

We knew there had to be a better way,
and there was...

We have found that feeling more connected and more empowered to live life to the full got WAY easier when we stopped denying what is truest about ourselves:

We are sexual AND we are spiritual. 

Living divided is just exhausting, and this internal conflict and shame is what is creating big blocks to love.



(We can agree on that, can't we?)

If you are wondering what we mean by sexuality and spirituality, this is important:

Sexuality isn't just sex, and spirituality isn't just religion. 

A new way we are going to invite you to think about these things is this: Energy. 

Both sexuality and spirituality is simply the energy of love that flows through you in infinitely creative and nourishing ways. 

What we are here to show you is that this energy is actually our life-force and though you may have been taught that sexuality and spirituality are opposing forces, they actually come from the same holy well within.

And when you really get this, your whole life begins to change in the most marvelous, life-giving ways.

When you learn how to allow this energy of love to flow freer through your body, your life, and your relationships, this energy naturally leads you into more true romance and meaningful adventure.


Sex & God are NOT at Odds

If you are new to this idea, I think you will be quite amazed what The Romance & Adventure 7-Day Challenge will unlock for you.

All that energy that used to get wasted on the divided self and the no-win battle between being a sexual person and being a spiritual person get’s put to much better use in the practice of being a whole person.

And that’s our secret agenda with this challenge: getting you to taste the magic of your own hidden wholeness.

We have discovered the key to experiencing this magic is by doing little things everyday that make us feel alive, cared-for, sensual, embodied, and brave. So that’s what we’ll be guiding you through for the next 7 days. 

The truest kinds of romance and most meaningful kinds of adventure (in the bedroom and beyond) are always an inward journey home.

Home is Love. 

That's where all of us belong.

Grace & Peace & a prayer that we will see you in the challenge,


P.S. That was all pretty sentimental, I know. But I believe it deeply! If you need a little more external motivation to join the challenge, I get it! And we got something for you...All those who participate with be entered to win amazing giveaways and prizes. Gorgeous Mamamalas Necklace, Imaginary Author Perfume, $100 GIFT CARD to Anthropologie and 2 Scholarships toThe Romance & Adventure Sutras 6-Week Mastery Program returning September 10th. 






morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.