Introducing The Sophia Sessions (+ Peak into January Calendar)

We all need somewhere safe we can go. If you don't have your place yet, I want to invite here....

The Sophia Sessions


Short Answer:  It's a safe haven and guidance resource for the journey of sexual wellbeing and feminine wholeness. 

Want to here more?

It's intentional hang time for the purpose of becoming all we are created to be as women. It's online, so no matter where you are in the world, we can connect live!

It's monthly teachings on sexual wellbeing, feminine wholeness, and the practices of falling more in love with life and womanhood. Every teaching will be recorded so you can listen whenever is most convenient for you!

It's the sacred intersection of sexuality and spirituality where we get to explore freely all the wonders of Sex and God, and ask all the questions it doesn't feel safe to voice anywhere else.

It's a shame free zone where we get to talk candidly about Breast Implants, Botox, Brazilian Waxes and Blow Jobs (and other taboo topics that start with letters other than B, too). NO TOPIC OFF LIMITS.

It's the sharing of daily encouragement and resources to support our journey of becoming healed and whole.

A Sneak Peak into What's On the January 2017 Calendar...

All live sessions are recorded so you can replay anytime.  Join 100+ women who are saying YES to the journey and empowering study of feminine wholeness. A present and embodied life of true romance and meaningful adventure is waiting...

Choose which option (yearly or monthly) is right for you and click the button below and officially become a beloved "Sophia."

  • Option #1: One Year in Full ($197) This is the best deal! You get a discount AND you get $199 in Bonuses!
  • Option #2: Monthly Subscription ($19) and you can cancel anytime.
Before I joined the Sophia Sessions, the whole topic of my own sexuality was so charged with shame that I couldn’t even talk about it. This group has already made such a big impact on me. I can breathe. I can ask questions. I can talk through things. I can learn without shame. I’m truly grateful.
— Leah S.
I am so thankful for the Sophia Sessions! Before I joined I felt isolated on my journey toward sexual wellbeing. I knew in my heart how important this work was to every part of my life, but going it alone was so much less productive and fun than it has been since the Sophia Sessions started. I have become aware of areas I didn’t even realize I could grow in and I am so grateful to be a woman on this journey with other women. It is a gift to live in an age where I can connect with a tribe of sisters seeking healing and wholeness in my own time and from anywhere.
— Barbara G.
Being a part of the Sophia Sessions has shifted me from inescapable awkwardness into a world of joy and comfortability regarding my sexuality and feminine body awareness. Half the battle was taking the leap to join, and once I did, a wave of relief swept over me and I felt as though I could finally ask aloud the questions my heart had been hiding. This community, tuned and guided by Morgan, has become a refuge for me and I recommend it wholeheartedly!
— Megan R.
The Sophia Sessions have been so soothing to my soul! Last week I was asking the LORD for a community like OSG but didn’t even know how to articulate what I wanted. Wow! It’s blown my mind already.
— S.H.
Before I joined the Sophia sessions, I didn’t feel like I had a safe place to explore these issues. Now, I’m able to learn and question freely with other like-minded women and it’s such a gift! I look forward to the coming months of learning, growing, and flourishing in this vital area of life!
— A. M.

morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.