The Truth About Sexual Baggage


The truth about sexual baggage is that we all have it.

Maybe it’s that you or she had a lot of past partners.

Maybe you both saved yourself until marriage and now you don’t know how to step into your sexuality.

Maybe you had a great week before and you can’t figure out what’s happening now.

Maybe there was abuse and molestation in the past. The stats are staggering. About 18% of all women have experienced some kind of sexual molestation or rape. For men, it’s about 1 in 20. Not to mention all of the crazy things that we’ve been exposed to online. The porn, the chat rooms, the list goes on.

Maybe you are fighting addiction of some kind. Maybe she is.

Maybe you are withering inside from fear, guilt, or shame, keeping something in that you can’t even imagine telling someone else, let alone your partner.

The Good News

The good news is you are far more normal than you think. More importantly, there is hope. Lots of it.

Next week I'll be bringing you a practical guide to leading your marriage into sexual well being.  For now, take a deep breath and know you are not alone.

morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.