What is Sex Coaching?


Sex coaching is a new field of coaching that includes one or more of these elements:

  • Personalized sexuality education and information
  • Mental reframing and cognitive processes
  • Emotional balancing
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Resources and referrals

Sex coaching is a holistic approach to inner healing and involves all the parts that make you, you:

  • Mind. Your self-talk, worries about sexual performance, capacity for fantasy, troubling thought patterns, such as compulsivity.
  • Emotions. Your feelings. Feelings about your past, your body and sexuality, how you express your emotions, and your capacity for intimacy.
  • Body and Body Image Issues. Your physical self. Knowing how your own sexual patterns work, understanding your own body's sexual architecture and function, awareness of your own sexual functions and potential, learning skills for how to be find and share fulfillment as a lover.
  • Energy. Your subtle energy that either builds to and expresses your sexuality in a healthy way, or steals from and represses it. Understanding your own energy patterns and how they affect your life and relationships in and out of the bedroom.
  • Spirit. The essence of who you are. Understanding transcendent moments or practices that enable you to share sacred sexuality with your partner. Awakening to the subtle and tender ways you can reflect your inner self through sexuality. 

Responsibilities of a Coach

  • To guide, direct, and protect you from harm
  • To empower you to attain the dreams you desire
  • To empower you to overcome any sexual difficulties you may have, or fear you ahve
  • To help you reach your sexual relationship goals and find results that satisfy you
Source: Adopted from The Art of Sex Coaching, Patti Britton

General Theology of Sexuality from a Christian Perspective

Our sexuality is part of God's creation and is given to us as a gift to enjoy and delight in.

Human sexuality has been affected by the Fall, as have all aspects of human personality. This is evidenced by human desires that are not in accordance with God's revealed will for sexual expression.

God works in human lives to redeem; human sexuality is included in His redemption.

Ultimately, God's purposes to redeem His creation, including human sexuality, will be completely fulfilled.

Source: Adopted from The American Board of Christian Sex Therapist

About Morgan 

Morgan Day Cecil is a sex coach focusing on intimacy and sexual wellbeing. She is a follower of Christ who helps woman find healing in ways they have not been able to find in religious institutions and programs.  Helping woman integrate their sexuality with their spirituality to overcome fear, guilt and shame in the bedroom and beyond, Morgan gently guides women toward the "hidden wholeness" of their own body, heart and spirit. 

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