Romance & Adventure Sutras - Mexico Marriage Retreat

Xinalani Eco Resort, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, June 2-7, 2017


Imagine the sound of jungle birds slowly coming into tune. The silence of sleep melts away and is delicately replaced by the high notes of songbirds and the gentle distant roar of surf, lapping against the sand and rocks just down the hill from where you sleep. The dawn light begins to turn the gauze canopy hanging over your luxurious bed from dark to pale and then white. Perfect, heavy cotton sheets are wrapped around your body and the only other thing pressed against your skin is your loving spouse, still embracing you warmly from the night before. The day ahead of you holds only holds one thing, deep connection with your lover.

If you’re dreaming of a deeply connecting & Sexy experience full of rest, renewal, delight, and new insights the Romance & Adventure Sutras Mexico Retreat is definitely for YOU & Your Love...


Time to Rest

Life is busy.

Rest is sexy.

We are of the belief that time together in a hammock can do more for your relationship than reading every single marriage book on Amazon.

Imagine this feeling: It's late in the afternoon and you and your love have no where to be but here, nothing to do but share one another's presence.  You gently sway with the ocean breeze and above you the dreamy sky is framed with palm fronds.

time to renew

Playing in the waves like you are 16 again.

Playing footsie in the water.

Snorkeling and chasing the angel fish.

Reenacting your own scene from James Bond.

The sea has healing qualities. It wakes us up to the present moment. It reminds us to feel and to play.



TIMe to delight all the senses

Fall in love and dream again as you restore and renew your mind, body, heart and soul. Let the Spirit breathe new life in you and reawaken romance and adventure and gratitude for your life.

We come to slow down, renew our faith, receive and abide in love. 

In our yoga practice will dive deeper on our mats every morning with a breath-centered, Spirit-lead vinyasa practice and end with a short but deep time for contemplative prayer/mediation. Morgan brings her faith in Christ as well as her training in Tantra to her yoga mat and uses both scripture and poetry to deepen the practice. 


Time to Make love and add new tools to your tender-loving toolbox.

The afternoons will be open for you to swim (how about with wild dolphins?)snorkelsurfhike, treat yourself to a spa treatment, nap in a hammock, listen to the sounds of the jungle and hear new thoughts from God.  At the end the day before dinner, we will meet to work through the R&A Sutras Foundationals, where we will discuss real ways to deepen your connection, by regaining trust and intimacy.  This is practical and fun, easy to approach sexual advice with a fun discussion where we talk about the silly ways we've gotten to where we are. This is a huge opportunity to up your A-game in the bedroom with our celebrated material, The Romance & Adventure Sutras. 

Afterwards, we will come together to share a delicious meal and have fun and candid converse about what it looks like to create a life of true romance and meaningful adventure.


Picture you and your love without one care in the world.

You are fully present for and with one another in a way you haven't been in a very long time.

Imagine staring out at the sea, hearing the sounds of the jungle, while you hold one another close.

The Venue

Sample Schedule

7:00 am » Coffee, tea, granola, yogurt, fruit, etc.
8:00–9:30 am » Vinyasa practice + Meditation
10:00–11:00 am » Breakfast
12:00–1:15 pm » Swim, Snorkle, Hike, Rest in Hammock, Walk on Beach
1:30–2:30 pm » Lunch
2:30-5:00 » More swimming, beach time, hiking, or just some sweet sweet alone time in your sexy quarters                         5:00–6:30 pm » R&A Sutras Teaching + Conversation on how to create True Romance & Meaningful Adventure in Your Life
7:30–8:00 pm » Dinner
8:00–9:00 pm » Social hour at the cabana bar or just head back to your room with your love for some alone time 

What’s Included

• 5 nights lodging Eco-Chic accommodations
• Three healthy, gourmet meals daily
• Daily vinyasa yoga classes with Morgan
• Evening Romance & Adventure Sutras teaching + discussion with Morgan and Ron
• Transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta airport on beginning & end dates of retreat
• All water, teas and juices with meals
• Sales and lodging taxes


Xinalani eco resort

Xinalani is an eco-resort and a leading center for yoga retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that brings together the best yoga facilities, beautiful eco-chic accommodations, delicious healthy food and a supportive staff to make your dream retreat come true, all set on a wide pristine beach and a jungle of breathtaking natural beauty. Xinalani also has massage and spa treat treatments, snorkeling, surfing and other water sports options. Step out of the resort and enjoy hiking, horseback riding, waterfalls, wildlife and a sleepy, but warm and friendly sea-side village with local food and entertainment. Not to be missed. 


ECO Suits 

Romantic. Sexy. This is exactly what you imagine a tropical lover's getaway to be. The "fouth wall" is an open view of the Bahía de Banderas combined with the sound of exotic birds. Lounge chairs, a hammock and semi-open showers welcome you to enjoy wearing as little as possible. Relaxation beckons you with every breath. 



All meals are prepared fresh with vitality and health in mind. Welcoming staff with warm smiles and courtesy beyond meassure see to your dietary needs and are always happy to help you practice your spanish or tell you all about their famalies and happy lives in the nearby village. Every meal will be a delight and hilight of your day as your eyes brighten and mouth waters everytime you hear the meal conch blown. 


The Cuisine

Again and again, our previous guests have raved about the food. Fresh, local, organic seafood and extremely healthy takes on classic Mexican fare greet you 3 times a day. Enjoy coffee and a muffin at sunrise, then after morning yoga, enjoy a full, life-giving breakfast with fresh salsas and huevos plus other healthy offerings. After some beach activities or a hike, a gorgeous lunch buffet awaits you to refuel your day. Once you've enjoy your siesta, hit the beach again and work with us through the Sutras material, you'll be ready for dinner. Beautifully lit, plated services with multiple courses will greet you every night. You'll never forget how well fed and healthy you'll feel from their graciously prepared food. 

Plus there are always vegan and gluten free options at every meal.

If you want unwind a little, there is also a spectacular bar whose staff is ready to prepare your favorite tropical cocktail. 


The Multiple Joys

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Private Cove


Girl Time





We've prepared the funnest material from our signature workshop, the R&A Sutras. Easy to approach, fun, sexy, and practical how to's on creating more fun, more presence, and deeper connection with your spouse and the Divine.


Daily Yoga

Start each day with a deep but approachable yoga flow in a gorgeous jungle palapa led by Morgan. If you're new to yoga or have ever even tried it, you can look to Ron who is the perpetual beginner- if he can do it, anyone can. 


Personalized Adventure

Alone or with the group. Discover a secret cove, waterfalls, and the under-the-sea sights that only a mask and fins can get you. 


waterfall hike

A local highlight and destination for the adventurous. Practice some cliff diving, feed the fish or just enjoy a cerveza or cocktail served in a coconut as you take in the soul calming sound of cascading water.


New friends & shared experience

There is nothing like making new friends and sharing the fun of discovery and relaxation. This is the only happiness money can actually buy. 


What do you have to gain?

  • Remembrance of what really matters
  • Deeper connection in your relationship
  • Renewed vision for your marriage and life together
  • New insights, practices and skills to take home
  • Feeling really good in mind, body, heart and spirit together

What's Included

  • 5 nights lodging in Eco-Chic accommodations
  • Three gourmet, healthy meals daily
  • Daily morning yoga & meditation classes with Morgan
  • Afternoon Romance & Adventure Sutras workshop
  • Evening moonlight discussions with Morgan and Ron on Love, Relationships & Life to the Full
  • Transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta airport 
  • Snorkeling mask & fins
  • All water, teas, coffee and juices with meals
  • Sales and lodging taxes
  • Waterfall hike

Sample Schedule

7:00 am » Coffee, tea, granola, yogurt, fruit, etc.
8:00–9:30 am » Vinyasa practice + Meditation
10:00–11:00 am » Breakfast
12:00–1:15 pm » Swim, Snorkel, Hike, Rest in Hammock, Walk on Beach
1:30–2:30 pm » Lunch
5:00–6:30 pm » R&A Sutras Teaching and sharing  
7:30–8:00 pm » Dinner
8:00–9:00 pm » Conversation on How to Create True Romance & Meaningful Adventure in Your Life

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Extra excursions or boating activities
  • Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, alcohol, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for the staff (we recommend $5-10/day)
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance


Arrange your flight so you arrive in Puerto Vallarta on Friday, June 2nd before 4pm. The retreat ends Wednesday, June 7th. 

If you want to come earlier or stay later, that’s fine. Just let us know, and we'll help you with the details!



Your Hosts & Guides

Morgan Day Cecil and Ron Cecil are writers, teachers, retreat leaders and best friends with benefits (they are also married).

Morgan is a Sexual Wellbeing & Feminine Wholeness mentor to women. She combines her background in yoga, meditation, and philosophy. 

Ron is a Transformational Leader for men, businessman by day, Tantric practitioner by night(guided by his lovely wife). Weekend warrior with a love for motorcycles, his Land Rover, rock climbing and adventure with his family.