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If this is your first time here, welcome to a world where two things are absolutely true 1). You are loved. 2). You are made for brave (and sexy!) things.  We are honored to welcome you into the community of saints.

Oh yeah, get used to be called “saint”. The Spanish for saint comes from the root word, sanar, which means, to heal. Saints are those who are healed and on the path of healing.  Every time you decide not to cling to the wound that life or love has given you, you earn the right to be called Saint.


No matter what your past or present looks like, we believe that you are made to live an epic and sacred story of true romance and meaningful adventure…in the bedroom and beyond. Single, in a relationship, or married there is plenty to learn on this journey, and we’re here to help you do that.

Romance & Adventure is created to inspire you to live your greatest love story by pursuing the path of spiritual wholeness and sexual well being.

Our Story

Our story begins with a difficult first year of marriage.  Morgan was single mom who struggled with shame and self-worth. Ronnie was divorced and feared he was destined to follow in his parents footsteps who had combined total of 12 divorces between them. Together we struggled believing romance and adventure was something we were even made for. Our past made us feel disqualified from the life we really wanted.  We brought a lot of emotional baggage into our relationship and all of it wound up in the bedroom.

But not all was bad. Our love and desire to build a beautiful life together was real and we decided to believe the hope we had for “more than this”, was something we could put our faith in.

We began….We set off on our own “Hero’s Journey” and got very intentional about finding our own path of freedom from the past, healing in our present needs, and connection to each other.

As a result, we created crazy trust and intimacy in our marriage and discovered a mythic sex life-- a life in the bedroom and beyond marked by happiness, passion and transcendence. And we decided this was our life’s work. If we could do it, anyone could do it.

We realized life didn't have to be perfect in order to be wonderful and the areas that once stopped us didn't have to stop us any more.

Romance & Adventure, the blog, the podcast, and the IG feed, is a place to encourage others to embrace imperfection and grace. It doesn’t demand you face your inner demons or issues with sex, but it welcomes you into a safe environment with resources and community where you can. This is a place where you can be yourself and be inspired to believe that presence is enough, connection is healing, sex is wonderful, laughter is medicine, and love always wins.

We, the Cecils, are dedicated to living a life of true romance and meaningful adventure and allowing this pursuit to grow and change us. The more we can reach with this message of hope the better.


  1. You are made for true romance and meaningful adventure.

  2. Life can begin again.

  3. Your heart is good.

  4. Come what may, the power is always yours to choose to love more, not less.


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About Us


Here is the really good news about befriending us....

Around us you don’t have to be perfect or pretend to have your life together. You are free to want what you want and stop making excuses for why you aren’t fulfilled. This is a no-shame zone. A place to be reborn, under new stars that say your heart is good and life can begin again.

If you are longing to remember the wild in you, the light in you, the love in you, this is the right place to challenge and teach you how to find life to the full.


Since 2011 we've been leading small groups of men and woman live more romantic and adventurous lives. Before then we struggled believing Romance and Adventure was something we were even made for. Our past and some of the choices we had made seemed to disqualify us from living the kind of life we really wanted to live. When we fell in love I was single mom and Ronnie was divorced and feared he would follow in his parent's footsteps who racked up a total of 12 divorces between them. Needless to say we brought a lot of emotional baggage into our relationships. There was a lot of beauty and goodness there too though. Our first years together we felt caught between big dreams and real-life dysfunction. Then we realized life didn't have to be perfect in order to be wonderful and the areas that once stopped us didn't have to stop us any more.


Everyone is made for their own romance and adventure. Once you get clear on who you are, the next step is deciding what you want. After that it's the ongoing work of bringing new awareness to your thoughts and patterns and becoming a ninja at shifting what once stopped you into a powerful catalyst for change. All of us can do this. Our brains and our bodies are wired for it. Our hearts and our souls are created for it.

Everyone's personal R&A story looks different. For some people stepping into the fullness of their truest and most meaningful romance and adventure looks like selling everything they own and traveling the world with their kids. For others this R&A looks like moving from the nice and neat suburbs into a gritty and exciting city.

What R&A is calling for you?

If you stay with us, you’ll feel more is possible than you ever dreamed. And if all you can think about is how to change your spouse, marry the perfect guy, buy the right stuff, look like a celebrity and get everyone to envy you, you won’t enjoy it here because we don’t teach the world’s version of romance and adventure, we teach ours. It’s not for everybody, but we think it’s the best game in town.


Morgan Day Cecil is a wild (and a bit mischievous) romantic and adventurous woman. She really loves helping other women find their "playful wild" and join her in living life to the full by experiencing their own wholeness and freedom in their body, mind, heart and soul. She is a yoga instructor and the creator of the #justbeherewithme project. She has walked through a family and personal history of depression and anxiety, food, alcohol and sexual abuse, and found her way home to a tender relationship with God and herself. Her experience as a single mother brought her close to the healing power of surrender, vulnerability, and grace. In 2013 she wrote the R&A Guide and began leading the R&A Pilgrimage (a 5 week online journey of the heart) in 2015. 

Morgan has a M.A. in Eastern Philosophy, and has traveled the world in search of the true and meaningful kinds of romance and adventure. Falling in love with her husband, the story of his desire to adopt her son, having another baby and creating a small life in Portland, Or centered on community has taught her that life really can begin again.

Ron Cecil was born in a small town in rural New Mexico, destined to become a cowboy or a preacher. He fell in love with God and rock climbing, seeing the world, and smoking cigarettes in secret. After going to college to become a pastor he fell in love with a girl who he eventually married. When his young marriage ended in a divorce he feared he was to follow in his mother and father’s footsteps, who were married 13 times between them. God began a new thing in Ron’s heart and in his life. Ron fell in love again, this time with a single mom (Morgan) and her son. They married in 2009 and he adopted her son in 2010. Since then he’s devoted himself to understanding what makes marriages and people emotionally healthy and teaches others everything that he’s learned. Ron is also an adventurer, writer, and businessman. He has traded most of his bad habits for one motorcycle. He is gifted at storytelling, drawing out stories in others, and making people feel like they are the most interesting person in the room.  

One More Thing...

We like slow living. 

If you are interested in being a part of a movement to slow down, be present, unplug and deeply connect, we invite you to join us in the Just Be Here Project. Learn more below!

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