Sophia Embodied

Italy Yoga Retreat

July 8-13, 2017 | Southern Italy

Infinite Tenderness


This summer you are invited to go deeper into your own journey of feminine wholeness as we dedicate 6 days to immersing ourselves in the infinite tenderness of Spirit, of Breath.

The backdrop? Southern Italy, a place rich with sacred Presence.


The Villa


A place for us

Located in my favorite part of Italy! This beautiful resort will be all ours (just 12 of us!). We'll be surrounded by ancient olive groves, have our own pool and turkish bath. Day trips to the ocean or nearby cities.


Our Private Pool

The pool area consists of a sea beach effect saltwater bath and a whirlpool.

Relax with your journal. Take a dive into the refreshing waters. Feel like an Italian mermaid, sipping sparkling water or prosecco by turquoise waters.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 1.20.35 PM.png

Beautiful accomModations

Housed inside the trulli , the apartments have stone walls and rustic furnishings dominated by traditional white. Shared rooms (with air conditioning!) to keep the cost as affordable as possible. You and your Sophia sister will share a double bed... We're like real family already!



What's Included

  • 5 nights + 6 days accommodations at private villa
  • Daily yoga + meditation practice
  • Deep dive into the art of feminine wholeness
  • Teaching, training and guided prompts from Morgan Day Cecil
  • Meals prepared by local chef
  • Private pool and access to turkish bath
  • Girl-time, restorative-time, exploring-time for adventures in the nearby amazing cities of Ostuni, Martina Franca, and Matera
  • Closing ceremony dinner + dancing in olive grove
  • Heart to heart processing time with Morgan to share your story and get personal guidance for your journey

Investment: $2400 

Sophia Session Yearly Members will receive a $200 discount!

Deposit is $500 and nonrefundable. Spots are limited, so book today!


In the magic of Valle d'Itria, hidden behind old-world olive branches, protecting an enchanted world... 

The structure is a B & B consists of a large square stone onto which six trulli, an ancient Lamia and a rooftop terrace and also add a turkish bath, a perfume trail, a swimming pool and a whirlpool.  WiFi access is available in public areas around the trulli.

Address of Resort:  Contrada Abate Amato, 72013 Ceglie Messapica BR, Italy

Nearest Airport: Brindisi, Italy (45 min drive) or Bari, Italy (90 min drive)

We have a Facebook group for you to connect to the other Sophias before arrival! You can arrange carpooling together to and from airport if you like. Or, rent your own car to do some exploring! Don't worry, we'll give you all the deets about transportation.


Unique Experience


This Sophia Embodied Retreat in Italy will focus on the 5 Elements of Feminine Healing: Story, Breath, Dance, Knowledge, and Shared Experience.

Think of this retreat as one part revitalizing practice of embodiment, one part training in the study of feminine wholeness, and one part deeply nourishing girl time in an ancient region of Italy.

"It is very beautiful to follow what the body loves... the body loves gentleness". ~Sandra Sabatini


Still have Questions?


Kaitlin King of Yoga Soule is our seasoned Retreat Manager, and would love to field any questions you might have in the booking process. Fill out the form below and she'll get back to you quickly!

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In Their Words

What's it like working with Morgan? What is this "Feminine Wholeness" thing about?  How did you get the courage to say Yes to flying half way around the world for an adventure with other women you've never even met!?

"I fought feeling like I didn't deserve the investment in myself..."

When I read Morgan’s announcement for the Sophia Experience in Rome, my heart jumped. I was soaking up the R&A podcast and quickly realizing how many places in my heart (& body) I had neglected. I avoided anything sensual and allowed past hurts to become so deeply buried I had begun to accept them as simply a part of who I would always be. I knew something needed to change, but I wasn’t completely sure how to begin.

I fought feeling like I didn’t deserve the investment in myself. There was so much unknown waiting in Rome - walking into a retreat with women I had never met. However, what I found was nothing short of pure connection. Morgan is absolutely authentic and her passion is contagious. She is a gifted teacher, sincere in her words and and I would gladly make the investment all over again!

Imagine: heart, body, soul and senses awakened to the beauty and tastes of Italy. Fresh perspective, encouragement, joy, a renewed sense of self worth and beauty pulsing through your very being. Sipping prosecco with women you just met, who now feel like lifelong friends. Waking to fresh delights each morning, discovering new practices to care for yourself through yoga, breathing, meditation… 

Morgan’s sessions allowed me to experience practices that cultivated the delight and feminine wholeness I so deeply craved. Morgan created a beautiful, nurturing environment for each of us to feel supported, loved, and free. I could go on and on… Let me just say, thank you, Morgan. You are so deeply anointed in your teaching & I can’t wait for other women to experience these amazing truths with you!


"I really feel like I’m getting back to myself and gaining some clarity and direction again..."


The workshop was AMAZING. Just being around you and your sweet spirit is so uplifting. I finally got a journal and journaled all my notes (13 pages!) from the workshop.

I learned who it is I really want to strive to be this year, someone who embodies gentleness and grace...After journaling and using your method for intentions, which is magical, I really feel like I’m getting back to myself and gaining some clarity and direction again, the opposite of how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. It was definitely worth the time and investment! My body felt great! I was a little tired from traveling but the yoga we did was so freeing and feminine, which I love. For the past 6 months I’ve really tried to make my personal practice gentle and fluid (a way to seek the gentleness my body craves and incorporate a beauty to movement), and I love all the feminine aspects you added. I’ve never been a good dancer, always kinda awkward, (starting to wonder if this is related to my sexual trauma) so the feminine movements are so much fun and so good for me.  

I’ve learned so much from your teachings on femininity and womanhood, and love being part of a group that’s open and supportive, even though we don’t all have the same experiences or hold the same beliefs, which is rare. It’s not often you find a place like this. I really feels like a sisterhood, something I’ve never know before. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 


Lots of love,



When Morgan put the call out there for the Sophia experience, I decided to go for it. It felt crazy, I was a single mom who’d just set out on her own, it seemed extravagant, but it was also an opportunity to put everything I’d learned through the process of leaving my marriage into action. Outrageous self care, self love, and a massive commitment to truly be the person I am and to believe I’ve been created for love and wholeness and life to the full. It was also a chance to meet Morgan in person and actually get to know her! I found her incredibly warm and open. Her heart was so beautiful and genuine for each one of us and her vision to reach and see more women whole and free was contagious!

Morgan gave me so many new things to think about while confirming much of what I’d recently learned through the process of leaving my marriage. She provided gorgeous food to taste, modelled movement and daily rhythms to practice, gave us space to feel what we needed to feel, to see beauty in Rome, in each other, and in ourselves, and finally challenged us to stay fiercely committed to this uncertain (at times) path to sexy wholeness and wisdom. So much of me was stirred up that week. It was a celebration of how far I’d come, but also a massive challenge to carry on despite the inevitable lows and challenges that follow exciting seasons of change, growth, and new found freedom.

I’ve been a Christian forever, I love Jesus, but life hasn’t turned out to be as black and white as I once thought. It’s more colourful than I realized. Morgan’s teaching throughout the week confirmed the work the Holy Spirit has been doing inside me, and set me on a new path that will take me through this next season of my life.

The breath work and movement in the morning was powerful and beautiful. It’s a practice I aspire to keep up with and truly believe will bring me closer to God, and connect me to my true self, and inner wisdom.

One of the evenings, out at a local restaurant, drinking red wine and tasting the most exquisite simple Roman pasta, there was space for me to share my story with people I’d only just met. Their witness to my story was so timely and powerful and something I continue to draw strength from in times of doubt and uncertainty. 

April H.



"You spoke right to my soul..."

Morgan, I am still reveling in the insights I received at the intention setting workshop. It wasn’t just one thing. It all fit together so beautifully and spoke RIGHT into my soul. The body work was new and innovative and made some really deep connections to some emotional work that has been stuck. The teaching on intention was also clear, to the point and effective! I usually walk away from these type of settings thinking hmmm…I wish it worked for me….not here. I walked away with an intention that was so fitting and clear. I really appreciate how connected you are to the experience, not above, not stuck in it, just right there, empathetic, calling us to higher ground. You are gifted and I am so glad I found you right now. Your words are like breath to me. I don’t say that lightly or caught up in “you” it just is…you are tapping in to some really deep truth and it is resonating big time.

Thank you thank you,



"I came out of time together feeling inspired and's already make my morning routine better."

I loved loved loved the workshop.. I came out of our time together feeling inspired and refreshed, and in the days since I have been really following the Sophia teaching of not moving on too quickly! It can be so tempting to jump from idea to idea -- there are so many good ones -- but I am finding that the practice you led us through on Saturday really allowed me to accept my one-word intention on a deeper level. This is making it easier to stay with it instead of quickly getting swept away with the next shiny object! I'm excited to see how this progresses through the year. So far it has already made my morning routine better -- I've been lighting my intention candle, and I added a mini dance party to my normal routine of meditation. Yesterday I was dancing around to a song with the lyric "I'm not afraid of love," and started crying -- it really felt good to process some fear in a super-safe physical way that TOTALLY supports my intention for 2017.


So, all that to say, THANK YOU! Also, I hope you're feeling really proud and excited about Sophia Sessions-- from my perspective, it feels like an amazing swell of energy and wisdom that you're facilitating. I'm happy to be a part of it!

~Kate B.

Italy + Yoga + Wine + Girl-Time + Holy Spirit + Sunshine


The Best Retreat Ever

I grew up very fast as a young girl, but I grew slowly into my womanhood.
— Robin Wright

Sophia Embodied Italy is brought to you by Morgan Day Cecil of Romance & Adventure &  Kaitlin King of Yoga Soule. Morgan want you to know how amazing Kaitlin and Yoga Soule are! Without their help and expertise, this one of a kind retreat wouldn't be possible. Mille Gratzie, Bella!