The Romance & Adventure Embodied Blessing Practice

for Deeper Connection & Sacred Intimacy

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Try this simple practice with your man if you want to feel more deeply connected to each other.  

It's a short and magical intimacy-building exercise designed to bring back that divine spark you once shared, and help you both feel blissfully embodied together.

No matter who you are, or what your spiritual practice currently looks like, you have the power to bless your partner like no one else can.

And the act of this blessing will create deeper connection and sacred intimacy between you.

Every single human being needs three things to thrive: Safety, Love and Belonging.

The more you can help your partner experience those three things in their body, the more you will thrive together in your relationship, too.

And...connecting deeply to each other won't feel so hard anymore. It will begin to feel like the most natural thing...because you are made for it!

Watch the video to get an overview of this simple and powerful practice, and then follow-along as we guide you step-by-step with your partner.


The Embodied Blessing practice will give you a taste of all that you can experience in our new course The Bedroom Godsend for Creating Deeper Connection & Divine Intimacy.

We created this course for couples who want simple and effective practices they can do in 20-min or less to feel more present, relaxed and blissfully closer together. 

Like this one...

The Simple How-To

Step 1: THe PrACTICAL 

The first part of the Embodied Blessing practice is the practical piece of discovering your partner’s Key Phrase.

A Key Phrase is like a secret code to your partner's soul

It's a phrase that cues his/her nervous system to relax. (And this is important because intimacy magic can only happen when we feel relaxed and safe enough to truly surrender). 

A list of the 12 key phrases:

1. I am with you.
2. You are beautiful.
3. You are more than enough.
4. I accept you as you are.
5. You are safe with me.
6. I’ll keep you safe.
7. I am for you.
8. I’ve got you.
9. I see you.
10. I’ll take care of it.
11. You are loved.
12. You are so sexy to me.

Download the Printable Version of the 12 Key Phrases

Speak these 12 key phrases over your partner slowly and wiry intention. Have your partner pay close to their body and breath.

Which phrase makes their whole body relax?

This is their key phrase. Treat it with utmost respect. These simple words are the secret code to your partner’s soul.

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Step 2: The Mystical

For the person receiving:

Stay connected to your breath, close your eyes if that feels safe, and imagine breath is flowing in and out of your heart space. Bring a gentle smile to your face and tell yourself, I am open to receiving. 

For the person giving:

Take a moment and connect to the divine of your understanding. Embody the qualities of the divine feminine or masculine. Become a vessel of Love and using your partner’s key phrase, begin whispering these words over him/her as a blessing.

Tenderly touch and/or kiss their forehead, temples, face, body as you give this blessing. (Swipe to continue...)

Complete the Romance & Adventure Somatic Blessing by holding their hands in your hands, looking them compassionately in the eyes, and speaking their key phrase to them 3 times.

Take time to integrate and then switch. :)

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Tips for success:

✨Take off all the pressure! There is no need or obligation for this practice to lead to sex. The goal is intimacy! Connection. Healing. Blessing. Let that be enough. 🙏🏻 (Trust us, it is!).

✨No matter who you are or what your spiritual path has looked like, you have the power to connect with the divine (Love!) and bless your beloved with your words, your presence, your touch. You can’t do this practice wrong. Your presence and willingness to become a channel of God’s love is enough (you don’t have to know how it works).

✨ The healing from this practice comes from the nervous system. Every single human being needs three things to thrive: Safety, Love, Belonging. The more you can help your partner experience those three things IN THEIR BODY the more your relationship will thrive, too. Have a conversation before beginning the practice on what their boundaries are...what would make your partner feel absolutely safe? Don’t be afraid to tell one another what you need.


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Due to past trauma, blocks can get in the way of intimacy for me. This course is beautifully done and has helped me practice presence with Steve. It has gently reassured my body of what my mind knows, that my man is good and safe and is wild about me, the true and raw me. It has also helped me see Steve’s heart on a deeper level and really hear what his heart needs and how I can honor and bless him. Ron and Morgan make all these deep things so safe and fun! (We’ve had so many giggles together) Their class isn’t just about sex it’s about the sacred relationship and deepening intimacy. But trust me, the sex will come! ;) If you know your relationship needs something, this course is what you need.
— Denette
This course has deepened my connection with my wife....

Denette started this process (of bringing new intention to our sex life) before me. I was skeptical, but saw amazing change in her. This was the start of my transformation too. I’m all in now.

I’ve learned to savor every moment. Our love, appreciation, and respect for each other has grown during our time going through this course. It’s a lot of fun too! Ron and Morgan, I really appreciate the work you both did in putting this together!
— Steve