Episode 2: How we learned to have more good days than bad

Episode 2: How to have more good days than bad. Coming to you from the finca in Andalucia, we discuss the practices and rituals that we have discovered for ourselves that answers the basic question, how do we do the good things that make us feel like good humans?

We look at examples from our everyday life (from how we make coffee to our sex life) on creating the conditions for deep connection and transcendent moments.

In this episode:

-What Ron found out when he wanted to have sex

-How kooky rituals and practices make us feel more like ourselves

-How saying yes can lead to transcendent moments with raging bulls

-What Ron and Morgan do everyday in order to feel like good humans

He said/She said: quotes from this episode.

-"A practice is like marriage- we show up for it even when we don’t feel like it. And that’s where it starts changing us." -Morgan

-"Sometimes you need someone going before you to tell you change it possible." -Ron

-"Practices and Rituals have been throughout time, a way of developing our character."-Morgan

-"This is really a question of how do we become our true self"- Morgan

-"When I treat my body well, I feel sexy." -Morgan

-"We can change and it starts with really simple things"- Morgan

-"I cleaned like a maniac." -Ron

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morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.