Episode 8: Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money or How to travel like a millionaire, even when you aren’t one. Follow along with The R&A Roadmap for Deeper Connection We are covering #7 LIVE GRATEFULLY BELOW YOUR MEANS.  

When we are grateful we say, "What I have and who I am is enough." A materialistic and busy lifestyle isn't sexy or fulfilling. When we trade entitlement for gratitude we end up with more time and money to spend on things that really matter.

We got an email the other day (we read it in the podcast) asking us a very pointed question, "How do you afford to travel like you do?" We knew something like this was coming and thought others were asking the same thing so we thought we'd talk about it in our 8th and final episode of season one. 

The gist is this, we live below our means, we spend less than we earn, we save a lot and we are super aggressive about getting to the root of our emotional and spiritual relationship with money.

In this episode, you are going to learn 6 crucial things that will change the way you think about money.

  1. Why most Americans AREN’T Living a life of true romance and meaningful adventure.

  2. Our own story of redefining the american dream and realizing how our relationship with money had a direct correlation with our connection with one another and our biggest dreams.

  3. The three things that keep most people from getting control of their money.

  4. And how saying YES to just one thing can help you overcome all these obstacles.

  5. What the average american spends on housing, food and transportation and how taking control of these areas will allow to never feel guilty again about that fancy cappuccino.

  6. Some easy practical steps to get you on a healthy financial path, plus 4 questions you must discuss your spouse TODAY, if you want to align your spending with your heart for Romance and Adventure. (see below)

We’ve also included all the steps we took and questions we asked ourselves to get financially ahead. How you handle your money is such a big deal, don’t wait till your next date night to talk about this topic, do it right away. Maybe eat a little ice cream after to reward yourself for your efforts.

1). Get Yourself Basic Financial Education

    1. Enroll in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

    2. Read every single blog post on SugarMama.Tv

    3. Find a friend who is good with money and vulnerably invite them into your life and your spending habits, ask them for advice and help.

    4. Manisha Thakkar, Director for Wealth Strategies for Women at BAM ALLiance recommends Practicing Joy Filled Spending and doing an audit of your expenses for the last 3 months to really consider what purchases gave you the best ROI/happiness. 

  1.  Say YES to the Hero’s Journey (Spiritual/Emotional Health)

    1. 12 Step

    2. Counseling/Therapy

    3. Program at your church

  2. Have a State of the Union meeting with your spouse and discuss these 4 questions    

    1. What are we spending money on? (use Mint for a good trends report): 

    2. Does what we spend reflect what we value?

    3. What DO we value?

    4. How can we create a new budget that better reflects our values, dreams and goals?

  3. Be willing to make SEISMIC shifts

    1. Downsizing into a smaller house

    2. Selling a vehicle, etc

  4. Sign up for our Webinar How to win at #couplegoals

    1. http://www.romanceandadventure.com/couplegoals


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morgan cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness coach and creator of Sophia Retreats.