Episode 14: Sexy Sex


Episode 14: Sexy Sex

April 17, 2017

Sex is sexy, but sexy sex is even sexier.

Think back to the last time you had sex? What was it like? Was it great, was it just ok or was it a minor disaster

Many couples, who really really love each other aren’t feeling fulfilled in the bedroom. Something feels off or lacking. There is more suffering than joy.  Most cases this isn’t because they don’t belong together, or there is something fundamentally wrong with either partner, but because they have never been taught what sexual well-being and a fulfilling sex life, i.e. sexy sex, could look like.

What is Sexy Sexy?

Sexy Sex is the fullness of Love & Turn-On, when your 5 senses are activated and you then experience the spiritual connection.

It’s what we all really want and we can’t quite articulate, but know it when you have it.

It’s when you’ve got the basics-- safety, love and belonging and it’s amplified by an erotic energy. “Carnality feels welcome and safe.” There is no guilt or shame or fear.

Everything belongs. It’s all in the light. Naughtiness in the light is FUN and JOY.


“The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul." ~William B. Yeats

Sexy Sex is sex where you truly open up emotionally and sexually to your partner and receive love and safety and belonging from him and yourself.

Questions to know if you are having Sexy Sex

- Do you feel energized, uplifted and happy?

- Do you feel calm, centred and grounded, like you’ve become more of your true, authentic self?

- Do you feel more excited confident, like more is possible in your future than you could see before?

"Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions." ~Deepak Chopra

Quick wins for you regarding Sexy Sex?

-Listen to this podcast with your spouse. It will naturally prompt new conversations. You don’t have to take responsibility for awkward conversations, we'll start them for you!

-Get excited about taking your sex life on as a worthwhile endeavor, journey, and adventure that is full of mystery, risk, and meaning.

-Put intimacy on the calendar. The goal is connection, not orgasm. The goal is closeness, not penetration.