Romance is a everything you do in the name of love. It's your willingness to see things new and fall in love again, again and again. It's your talent for life and the way you make others feel seen, known, and loved. It's your soft heart and your devotion. It's the way you slow down and invite in all your senses to come alive. It's color. It's rain. It's lavender oil in a bath, a burning vetiver candle by your bed and blush-colored ranunculus just because. It's remembering what used to bring you joy and seeking those things out again. It's choosing your undergarments as intentionally as you choose your shoes. It's all the ways you say YES to the beauty in your life right now. 

Adventure is all the ways you are brave for the sake of love. It's your courage to step into new ways of living. It's your gut guiding you into things that may make no sense to the world but perfect sense to your heart. It's your wild heart and your higher power. It's the way you choose everyday to make life great. It's knowing what would be the more heroic act- to wait it out or wait no more. It's a pilgrimage across Spain. It's taking a look at all you own and deciding it's more than enough. It's starting a business doing what you love. It's realizing life is short and today matters. It's all the ways you say YES to your true self so that you & everyone you love can enjoy life more.